Himalayan Bath Salt
Himalayan Bath Salt
Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan Bath Salt

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A rich mineral bath. This outstanding blend of Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea salt and epsom salt is sure to please.

Relaxing in a soothing warm mineral rich bath is one of life simple pleasures.

Enjoy some well earned 'me time' as you unwind and reset your body and mind.

Aqua Nora - A nice crisp clean, with a blend that includes rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils and blue mica mineral - it’s like waking up on a Caribbean beach.

Citrus Mint - You guessed it, refreshing! With an essential oil blend that includes lemon grass, lemon verbena, eucalyptus and peppermint, with natural botanicals. It’s that refreshing smell, much like walking into the the sauna or steam room at a luxury hotel.

Lavender - This relaxing trio of Bulgarian, French and English lavender essential oils and petals is sure to please.

Absolute Rose - Soak up this indulgent experience of rose absolute oil and real rose petals.

Tip - We recommend having a quick rinse off with a cool shower after your relaxing, wam, mineral bath. This not only helps to make sure you’re thoroughly clean and ready for your Spahket moisturizer, but it also help to close your pores.

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